Living Coral: The Color of Summer 2019

It has been approximately a month since experiencing a taste of spring: radiant sunshine, azure-blue skies, feathery clouds, chilly breeze, and gentle drizzles. Now we are gradually transitioning into the sun-kiss heat of the summer season, and what better way to recognize this change than to begin modifying the interior decor of your home. Realistically, no one has the time nor the means to completely redecorate their home interiors every season; however, subtle changes in the small details can radically make an immense difference to an entire space.


According to Pantone Color Institute, the highly anticipated 2019 Color of the Year to be on the watch for is Living Coral. This vibrant, yet modest colour symbolizes “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits” and “our desire for playful expression.” Not only are these sentiments suitable to embrace during the spring and summer seasons, but they also include the perfect shade of pink to integrate into our interior designs. A unique colour such as Living Coral can transmit these sensations in the comfort of our homes through the use of accessories, decor, and furniture.


Living Room

In a living area with minimal colour, the eye immediately draws towards the Living Coral pillow. It is the small interior design and decorative details that can develop a remarkable difference and a significant impact to any room.



Coral-coloured stools are very unique; they will have you cooking with style in your kitchen!



For the bedroom, there is no need to find fresh paint for your walls, purchase new bedsheets, or eliminate your drawers to keep up with the trends. In fact, you can maximize on the Color of the Year with the use of accessories, such as plush pillows, soft blankets, or stunning artwork.



Coral works exquisitely well against neutral colours during the spring and summer seasons, which is why it is highly recommended to add this particular splash of pink into your restroom face towels to embody the lively spirit.



Integrating the coral colours into your backyard is an elegant and stylistic choice that will not look spectacular, but will also have your friends and family want to return for another barbecue or potluck


There are various ways to get creative with this gorgeous vivid colour, and now it’s your turn to assess how you will incorporate it in your home!

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